simple Enticing effective

Dipsta is a new “win or buy” prize & promotion platform.

Entice consumer’s voluntary interest without the need to spam!

  • “Budget agnostic” visibility

    We treat every business equally – every campaign gets maximized display ranked by relevance to the individual consumer (such as profile, interest & real time location). We don’t wear different faces for different marketing budgets.
  • Easy to create campaigns

    Publish marketing campaign in minutes with our quick template to create, upload, save, edit contents and images.
  • Get discovered, relevantly

    Define your target audience by age group, gender and/or location (UK-wide down to local post codes). Consumers who match your desired profile can discover your campaign by category, or by geo-location on their device.
  • Fun & enticement for your prospects

    Stand out with our unique “win or buy” prize & promotion model! Make your campaign desirable for your target prospects and get voluntary engagement & good-will without resorting to spam.
  • Statistical insights

    Zoom in or out on aggregated and campaign level insights to help you improve on strategies and e-commerce design.
  • Testimonials & advocates

    We offer incentives for reviews and referrals to further promote your brand.

We are particularly passionate about

empowering independent and local businesses.

Dipsta uniquely addresses two of the most important challenges in marketing:

Consumer Interest & Interaction
Dipsta offers a unique and desirable prize & promotion model that advocates no spam and no hassle for consumers. Our “one-touch” participation allows minimal effort for consumers to enter a prize draw, save an offer, share on social media or click through to purchase. While we give you total control & flexibility to target the right customers & get statistical insights. In a world of excessive content noise and rapid adoption of ad & spam blockers, our ability to attract voluntary attention is highly potent in engaging consumers.
Visibility of your campaigns
Dipsta democratizes visibility and make it “budget agnostic” for businesses of all sizes. Each Dipsta campaign gets maximized, dedicated full screen display on the consumer device. That means you don’t compete with other businesses for screen position or display size. Our approach favours businesses with great products or services that consumers would love to discover and tell their friends about, not just businesses with a fat marketing wallet.

What product categories work best with Dipsta?

  • Food, Drinks & Going Out
  • Sports,Nutrition & Fitness
  • Beauty, Spa & Wellness
  • Fashion, Jewellery & Accessories
  • Technology, Gaming & Gadgets
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Get-away & Leisure
  • Activities & Events
  • Arts & Designs
  • Wedding & Special Occasion
  • Baby & Children
  • Skills & Professional Services